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Safety Works on Road RN1 de Pk 10,760 à PK 14,90 – Ben Arous

Client: Ministry for the Equipment, of the Housing environment and the Town and country planning

 Project Name: Safety works on Road RN1 between Pk 10+760 and 14+900

Project Location: Governorate of Ben Arous – Tunis

Date of Award: August 2016

Value of the project: 44 296 200 DT

Consistency of the works: ·

Works of release of the influences

· General Earth-moving

· Works of realization of the layers of road and dependences

· Alteration work of crossroads

· Works of drainage of the road

· Building work of three (3) works of engineering of type bridge concrete slab prestresses: OA1 of total length 266,5 m; OA 2 of length 450m and OA 3 of total length of 586 m.

· Building work of a footbridge for concrete pedestrians armed.
· Works of equipment, road marking and the road signalisation

· Works of lighting